The foreign exchange market is a multi-billion dollar industry, that involves all manner of players, from large multinationals to lone traders. All players in this industry rely on specialised software that helps them connect to global currency markets. Instead of running this software on their machines, they rely on forex hosting.

What is Forex Hosting?

Like traditional hosting, the concept behind forex trading is unknown to many. Individual forex traders can trade by running trading software from a local computer. When it comes to matters to do with forex hosting and copy traders, most traders prefer running them from cloud-based virtual private servers (VPS).

The use of VPS hosting in forex trading is widely accepted. And given that even seasoned forex traders rely on VPS, it is a smart thing to do. So here are some reasons traders prefer VPS for forex trading.

  • Enhanced Security: VPS is highly preferred for the security it offers. Well aware that even password protected networks are vulnerable to foreign attacks, virtual private servers strengthen the security of online traders
  • Stability: VPS offers the much-needed stability during trading. VPS have someone monitoring the network 24/7 and are thus known for their 99.9% uptime. Therefore, the last thing that can happen to your trading session is an accidental crash mid-trade
  • Exceptional Latency: Another good thing about VPS is that most web hosts allow the trader to choose their most convenient trading locations. Selecting a server close to the desired broker means that trades are completed faster and effectively

Most web hosts today offer specific hosting plans for forex trading. Traders stand to benefit from this in many ways, including proximity to financial markets, high-speed processing, additional security, and impressive scalability. Using a general hosting plan is equivalent to selling yourself short. Instead, improve your odds by switching to VPS hosting.