Crypto trading is the talk of the town, especially now, when traders are making fortunes from bitcoin trading. The popularity of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies is at a record high. Notably, the number of cryptocurrency exchanges has also increased, in response to the demand for digital currencies.

Simply put, a bitcoin exchange is an online market that brings bitcoin investors together, and enables them to sell or buy cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies. Read on, to discover more about bitcoin exchange and the contribution of web hosting to crypto trading.

What is a Cryptocurrency Exchange?

A cryptocurrency exchange is a website, or an online platform, that connects crypto buyers and sellers. Traders get to buy or sell, using either a market order or a limit order. A market order allows the trader to get the best prices available. On the other hand, an order limit gives the exchange power to sell or buy on behalf of the trader.

Crypto exchanges impose fees for each transaction completed within the marketplace. The fees charged here are proportionate to the volume transacted. It is worth noting that a crypto exchange is different from a crypto wallet, as it serves the purpose of connecting buyers and sellers.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hosting

Do you need a secure hosting plan for your exchange platform? There aren’t many web hosts that can match the demands of crypto trading on the market. However, there are always some that have a solid reputation, offering an optimal environment and set up for crypto traders.

Essentials of Crypto Hosting

What makes crypto hosting different from other hosting plans? The stakes involved in crypto trading demand the presence of secure infrastructure, low-latency connectivity, high connectivity speeds, along with adherence to crypto licensing and regulations.

The quality of hosting, and its ability to meet different crypto exchange needs, matters a lot. Quality hosting services are not only crucial to the traders, but also to the company.