Businesses, whether small or large, have lots of options to choose from as far as hosting is concerned. Shared hosting is quite common, especially to personal websites and small businesses. But a business looking for superior features needs a dedicated hosting plan. Dedicated hosting services means that your business enjoys exclusive rights to using server resources. Here are some advantages of choosing a dedicated server for business hosting.

No Sharing

Choosing a dedicated server means that you get to enjoy a full package of the resources offered by that server. This implies that you do not have to worry about overloading issues, common to shared hosting plans. Dedicated hosting comes with an assurance that spikes in bandwidth usage on other websites, won’t slow your down your server speeds.

Enhanced Performance

Any business owner should consider performance related issues when choosing a hosting plan. In the case of dedicated hosting, one is assured of fast loading times, huge bandwidths, and maximum uptime for their website. Dedicated servers also come with enhanced security, which is particularly important for businesses that handle sensitive information.


Dedicated servers give a website owner the liberty to customise the server to their unique needs for items such as RAM, the CPU, and software. This implies that businesses using dedicated servers get to work with what they need, as dedicated hosting gives them more control over how the server is configured.

No IP Related Issues

Dedicated hosting means that your business has a unique IP address, as opposed to shared hosting, where several websites share a single IP address. Owning a unique IP address will work for you as far as website ranking is concerned. If you own a large business or an e-commerce site, you need a dedicated host.

Dedicated hosting is good for business in many ways. Though more costly than other hosting plans, dedicated hosting is the way to go as far as business websites are concerned.